This Confused Girl Seeing A Pantyliner For The First Time Is All Of Us

She makes it work

A young lady’s first run-in with pads or tampons can be a confusing time, no doubt. It can also be internet comedy gold if it happens to be caught on video like this little girl discovering a pantyliner for the first time while filming her own makeup tutorial.

Twitter user JaidenPark shared the video of her eight-year-old sister focusing super hard while filming her makeup tutorial until she happens upon a rather curious-looking… sponge? Cotton pad? Weirdly flat beauty blender? The puzzlement on her face is adorable and priceless.

Just watch.

The video’s only about 40 seconds long, but that’s all she needed to go viral. She starts off all sorts of confident, brushing on makeup, and then?

The pad happens. And she is visibly thrown. Who wouldn’t be? Look at these things.

Image via Twitter

Legit, what the hell is it for. The deep concern on her face as she tries to work this out is killing us.

Image via Twitter

No matter. Like any seasoned beauty pro, she makes it work. Maybe it’s a lip gloss blotter?

Image via Twitter

Nope. Definitely a forehead cover-upper.

Image via Twitter

Awkwardness of this moment aside, this kid is truly all of us wondering what in the fuck to do after watching a makeup tutorial. Those crazy-skilled women move so fast and use so many items, hell, they could dab on concealer with a super-absorbency tampon and I’d just nod along like it was the most sensible thing ever. The world is your beauty blender, ladies.

Maybe we need to have a sit-down about the pad and tampon collection with our kids sooner than we think, although these hilarious moments might be worth keeping them in the dark for a little while, right? I know that before I had a talk with my kids around preschool age about what Mommy’s special toilet items were for (because I’ll be good god-damned if I’m going to bury my pads in the trash in my own house) my son was convinced they were just fun stickers. I found pads stuck to the windows, looking like little airplanes.

A pantyliner to apply foundation or BB cream?

Not so far-fetched, kiddo.

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