Mermaid Churros? Yes, Please

We never knew the mermaid churro was missing from our lives, until now

Mermaids have been trending for a while now because who doesn’t want to be a mythical sea creature-woman-thingy ruling the world’s oceans while channeling your inner Daryl Hanna? If you’ve embraced the mermaid way of life, sporting your mermaid hair at mermaid school while sipping your Starbucks Mermaid Frappuccino but have found yourself thinking, “Damn, I still feel like something is missing in my life,” your prayers have been answered. Behold the mermaid churro.

The Loop: Handcrafted Churros in Westminster, California, has come up with the most intriguing, fanciest churro that has ever existed. According to their website, the mermaid churro is made with “blueberry glaze and mermaid sparkle sugar,” then served on top of soft serve ice cream “with sugar and chocolate pearls and a house made chocolate mermaid tail.” We aren’t exactly sure what “mermaid sparkle” actually is, but now we want to sprinkle that shit on everything.

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But wait, there’s more.

If we’re able to come out of our diabetic coma long enough, we can wash down our sparkly treat with one of their sparkly blue beverages – a lemonade-based drink made with blue raspberry, butterfly pea flower tea, and the “secret magical sparkle” that makes it turn blue.

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We’re assuming this churro of all churros is a titch north of our days allotted calories, but if that is the price we must pay for mermaid glory, so be it. And if mermaid isn’t your thing, The Loop also offers a variety of other churro flavors, including Double Butter made of cookie butter syrup and peanut butter cups, Matcha Crunch with a matcha glaze and Fruity Pebbles, and our personal favorite Cheesy Berry made with strawberry syrup and cheese bites. They also have dipping sauces available, because dipping a giant sugar stick into more sugar sounds like exactly what we should be doing.

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For now, the mermaid churro is only available in California but if this trend is anything like the unicorn craze awhile back, we should be seeing mermaid-inspired fare pop up all over the country, because who doesn’t want to eat a sparkly hot dog coated in sparkly catsup on a sparkly bun?

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Who knew the churro in all of its cinnamon-sugary glory needed such an upgrade? Not us, but hey, who are we to question greatness.

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