Trick Team: Cheyne Gallagher FULL Skate Part


We put our friend, am shredder & non-mongo pusher on the spot as he answered some terrible questions for us. 

Echo Park Surf Squad:  How old are you?

Shane:  I'm sixteen.

EP:  Where do you live?

S:  I live in Vero Beach, FL.

EP:  Do you like tacos?

S:  Yes?

EP:  What’s your favorite skate spot?

S:  My favorite spot is probably a nice curb, or a flat bar.

EP:  Top bands at the moment?

S:  My top 3 favorite bands are Foster The People, Mewithoutyou, The Black Keys

EP:  Place you’d love to travel too?

S:  I'd love to go to the Grand Canyon, and it would be sick to go to Israel.

EP:  Other sponsor's?

S:  I have a friend at Lakai thats been hooking me up with shoes and chocolate boards. 

EP:  Favorite skater?

S:  Austyn Gillette, or Bert (Rob) Wootton that's a hard question.

EP:  Shout outs:

S:  Shout out to Trevor Gallagher, and Kelly Castillo for filming. Shout out Nick Cammarene for driving me to spots and forcing me to skate street, and Little Guy for just being the homie.

EP:  Thanks dood!

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  • Mama says...

    That is an awesome video great moves except the one on his bottom ouch!

    On October 18, 2014

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